Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Paul in love...(Journal #24)

Tonight, Nightline will be featuring a special on Autistic adults in love, specifically a gentleman named Paul. This is the video clip: Autistic love in bloom

Just an FYI. Not much time to blog today.


kristina said...

Would like to know what you thought of it!

Hope you're all having some lovely days.

Anonymous said...

indeed, I'd like to know, too... I may have to pinch THIS idea for a blogcake myself. I think what bugged me a bit was the idea of someone asking if autistics are CAPABLE of love. WHAT?! What nonsense is THAT?

Gina said...

I know our autistic children are capable of love. Don't you? Interesting. Thanks.

mysamiam said...

They are completely capable of love. It may look different to others, but I believe their hearts yearn the same way ours does. I was intrigued by the show, as I am fascinated to see what the adult years may look like for Sam. While I am all about living life in the "now", a part of me seeks the future in vision and dreams for Sam.

Lora said...

Hi Laura,
I just love your blog and I must say that Sam is one handsome little guy. I know that Griffin is so capable of love and I am so very grateful that he is affectionate, giving me hugs and kissses all the time. I am with you on the living in the "now" but wishing to see the future for my little guy. I look forward to visiting your blog on a regular basis and getting to know you, Sam and your family much better. I will be putting you on my blogroll too. Have a fantastic day!!!:)