Monday, June 12, 2006

A Tribute to our Rock (Journal #25)

He is my high school sweetheart, best friend, my confidant, father of my children, and the rock of our life (2nd to God of course). With Father's Day approaching, I only feel it appropriate to honor the man who keeps my life stable, who keeps our family grounded and as solid as a rock.

Brent has always been a partner with parenting. I am amazed at the stresses he has with his job, his travel time, his long hours, yet his devotion and time that he commits to our family and to our boys.

He has been a part of every Autism step, from Sam's diagnosis to where we are today. From taking days off of work to take Sam to the day long assessments with the psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists to name a few. We went through all of the emotions together following the first diagnosis, the second and so on. He is so in love with his boys and yearns to be with them when he is away on business.

Brent has helped to keep our life normal, and to help when I have been frazzled when he returns from a week away. It is nothing for him to come home on a Friday after a trip and tell me to "get outa here" and go scrapbook at my favorite store in the world, Archiver's.

What I love about the way he works with Sam and his Autism...
...I love the way he responds to Sam and the way Sam responds to him. The way they they say goodby in the morning to the way the greet each other when he returns. Sam always needs a "tiss" and "hug", even if it is the one that Sam gives when he doesn't want to touch. He crosses his arms across his own chest, patting it, saying "hug". Likewise, his "tiss" is Sam kissing his own hand several times but looking at dad to do the same.

...I love the time he spends working on our home therapy with Sam. Here he is working on Sam's speech words that we do every day. Sam loves to be tight and have our legs wrapped around him in the "green chair". Sam has a cute way of getting the picture card after saying the word correctly, then placing it through daddies leg (the tunnel) to Sam's lap, where he then puts it in a special baggy (Sam has this thing for baggies).

...I love how he will do anything for Sam's safety. We have ongoing problems with Sam just leaving the house anytime of day and night. After a recent incident where Sam wondered into the garage in the middle of the night, Brent had a security system installed within 48 hours.

...I love how he keeps his time balanced between the two boys and creates very special times alone for our older son, Zachary. They love sneaking away for long bike rides. Their favorite times together are Saturday mornings at Caribou coffee (there for hot chocolate) where they enjoy playing checkers and Stratego by the fire.

...I love how he took the time this past month to build a treehouse for the boys, and a getaway for Sam (who will spend hours in our back yard). This was a huge deal for our "pencil pusher" dad, who surprised us all with his Home Depot purchase power and carpentry skills. He made an 8 X 12 monster of a play setting!!! Right amongst the birds (Sam's biggest obsession right now).

...I love his patience with Sam during his melt downs. If we have to restrain Sam, he does it with such gentleness and love, to keep Sam from hurting himself, others, or the typical objects. You can see the concern and care that Brent has at these challenging times. His face is that of utmost love and compassion. He truly wants to understand his Sam.

...I love that he is the father of my children.

Happy Father's Day to the love of my life. Thanks Brent for always being our ROCK!!!!


Loving Liam said...

Awww, how sweet. You are so blessed.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Hello there!
What a special Daddy indeed! That is one cute little boy you have there:)

mysamiam said...

Thanks Loving Liam and KC's Mommy. I am not trying to brag, but rather honor him, hope I am not sounding too vain, but really it is what you said Loving Liam, that I am truly blessed. And yes he is a special daddy. Thanks for your kind comments.

kristina said...

Happy Father's Day!---your household is more than fortunate to have such a great dad, friend, caregiver, playmate, everything.

Lora said...

That was so beautiful a tribute to such a wonderful man/father. Thanks for sharing that, it is always nice to hear about all the great daddy's that are around to be kind, compassionate, and generous.

Kari said...

I love this tribute! Absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful father:)