Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A TV finish! (Journal #27)

Todays post is not about autism, and it is not about Sam. It is about our adventurous day. While we are still missing Sam this week, it has been so much fun being able to just do things without too much planning and transition. Today Zach and I were able to take in some golf. After teeing off on this hole, he yelled to me,

"Mom, look at my TV finish!"

"What?" I asked.

"My TV finish, you know, like what Tiger Woods looks like after a great shot. That was a good shot, wasn't it mom?"

I started laughing. It really was a great shot. We only played at our little executive course at Eagle Lake with mostly par 3's, but he hit a beautiful shot with his 5 wood and got on the green. We ended up playing for wins for each hole, and mom beat him 5-4. :)

This afternoon he has piano and a test piece he has to pass for Sylvia. After that we are finally going to see the movie Hoot. Zach has been wanting to see it. We were hoping to read the book first, but he is into another series of books, where the characters are owls also.

Tonight we will sleep.


kristina said...


Hope you are getting more than your share of R & R and quiet times for yourself.....and for Zach!

K.C.'sMommy said...

Wow that looks like a super fun day! He looks like a pro!