Monday, May 08, 2006

This week in Time... (Journal #20)

Hope everyone takes "time" to buy this weeks issue of Time Magazine. We're looking forward to getting it delivered in our mailbox anyday. Thanks to everyone who shares with us their desire to learn and understand Sam and us, this may be an additional resource that will help. A fellow autism blogger, Kristina Chew , did a review of the article at Autism Vox . Happy reading.


Anonymous said...

buddy o' mine sent me the electronic link to the article-- gonna snap it up at the grocery store. Haven't read it yet.

kristina said...

I did an overview of the article at Of Course: Nearly Nine Years with Charlie (#316) and also at FC, DIR, ABA, ASD: Cover story in Time magazine. The article talks about FC in the beginning and throughout but there is plenty about the latest in neuro research, incidence, separate articles about autism schools. Behavioral, sensory, FM and GM are addressed in the course of a larger framework.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a very poor article. It was very one sided and clearly the reporter did not look favorably on ABA and tried to convey that. I hope people don't buy it since it is full of watered down information.