Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To Katherine McCarron (Journal #23)

Today is a day of mourning in the autism community, as yet another parent is accused of murdering their Autistic child. The last two weeks have been witness to two murders of autistic children. Christopher Degroot, 19 years old, and 3 year old Katherine McCarron. Both deaths have struck me, but especially little Katherine, just a year younger than our Sam. The Autism Hub, is dedicating today as a memorial to Katherine McCarron to honor postings for her, and tomorrow it will be shut down as a day of silence for her as well. I inserted a picture of the flower Freesia. Freesia resembles innocence. I can not help but think of the innocence of Katherine. It is hard to even think of what to write, so I will share a brief thought and some blogs I respect who have dedicated their posts and wisdom to Katherine this day:

What we must do!
None of us may have known Katherine physically,
but we all knew her little soul to a tee.

We never knew her well educated mother, a doctor,
but I hope she pays the price for what she did to her daughter.

No matter what our children do,
they never deserve to lose their life too.

As an autism community may we never lose sight,
to come together and do what is right.

Not right for ourselves or what we want our children to be,
but right for our children so all the world can see.

They are people too with minds so curious and new,
to love them and care for them is what we must do!

Thanks to these fellow bloggers posts, whom I respect, on your words today:
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kristina said...

Thanks for yours----and especially for the flowers.

Anonymous said...

beautiful words for a horrific tragedy. In a case like this I like to P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)

mysamiam said...

P.U.S.H. it is!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your heart...
I`m praying for all those who knew this precious gifts from above.
God blessings to you!