Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Autism Podcast (Journal #15)

I have been blessed to find this great resource to those families with Autism. "Autism Podcast" is a great website that features resources, talk shows, quick tips and advice for parents. The website's creator is Michael Boll. He is dedicated to providing information about working with children on the autism spectrum. The website provides interviews and other resources. Audio content is distributed on this website and as a podcast. You don't have to have an Ipod to listen to the podcast. The link to his page is provided on the column to the right under links.

While a year ago, Brent and I thought our world was shaken with the "official" diagnosis, I will retract and say it was "shaken up" to only be sorted and sifted with blessings.

Sifted blessings:
  • We have found this great community of support and resources through the Osseo School District and Sam's therapists and teachers there (LeeAnn/SLP, Jenny/Special Ed teacher, Tracy/OT, Carol/para). Incredible!
  • We have met people who are in our same shoes whom we can share stories with at North Memorial Hospital Therapy. We have the best Occupational Therapist (OT) in Melody, and the best Speech and Language Therapist (SLP) in Rachel.
  • We have the BEST family support ever, Grandma and Grandpa C, Stacy's family, Kelly's family and many more extended family.
  • An incredible church family group, Pastor EvaLyn and many, many friends.
  • Our pediatrician, Dr. Kuperman and his nurse and the Partners in Pediatrics staff
  • And last, "the Autism Web Ring" of which is a blessing to be a part of. That is also how I discovered "AutismPodcast.org".

Thanks to everyone for your constant love and support!

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Sarah Broady said...

I LOVE the puzzle piece cross!! I too have a Sam with autism and have used the name SAM I AM for autism sites and our team name for an autism walk. I was looking for art to put on our t-shirts; I love the puzzle piece cross. I agree with you - puzzle pieces (which he LOVES doing puzzles) are to show his own uniqueness and individuality, not to represent the fact that something is missing from him. We too are Christians and firmly believe that God created Sam to be exactly the way he is and he is not missing anything he wasn't intended to have in the first place! He is Sam and he has autism, beautifully and wonderfully made by the hands of God Himself. Thanks for this encouragement through your picture.