Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sometimes he forgets, but he ALWAYS knows :) (Journal # 14)

I have noticed, over the last couple months, that Sam is forgetting bizarre things that he has always known. He doesn't always finish sentances, but he knows what he is saying, and he gives you that little cute look that pleads for a response. The other day he said to me, "I already.....outtide mom?" It would sound bizarre if you would have seen the scene :) I was rinsing some dishes at the sink when Sam came bounding up the steps yelling "I already....outtide (outside) mom?" Sometimes already means "ready" and sometimes it means "I already finished, or did that, etc..." What you didn't know, is that 30 minutes earlier, Sam asked to go outside in the snow. He had so many toys lined up in the basement, the thought of cleaning it at the end of the day exhausted me, so I told him he needed to pick up 4 things first then outside. (We have learned that he understands directions better when you say "first this, then that" type of directions.) Our district autism classes taught that to us. It really is effective with Sam. They get so focussed on what they want, that when you word it that way, he understands.

Well, after telling him to pick up four things, he quickly informed me, "No, you breat (break) my toys" meaning that would break his creation, of which he gets very upset over. I proceeded to tell him "no outside then". He stomped down the steps like a typical 4 year old. When I peeked at him a little later, he was busy arranging his toys, carefully lining them up and placing them in their perfect spots. I went back upstairs without him noticing me to finish my tasks.

Time progressed enough that I was sure he had forgotten about going outside. No sooner than I had thought that, was when I heard his little feet pound up the steps and proceeded with "I already......outtide mom?" This time he meant to say "I already cleaned up. Can I go outside now mom?"

Sometimes I wish he would complete his statements better, because I fear he is forgetting his speech, but in my heart I always know that he knows.

Another weird example, is that he forgets words he knows lately. One afternoon we were sitting at the kitchen table doing some therapy stuff together. We had a pencil and paper and were working of fine motor therapy from OT. He scrunched his face, made a fist and proceeded to slam it on the table, "MAMA!" he screamed. I said yes Sam? "MAMA!" What Sam? "What DIS talled?" he yelled as he pointed to the pencil. A pencil I told him. Immediately his face relaxed and his hand opened up and released all the tension. He smiled "Ya, pentil." "Mama, da pentil mated me mate bid, bid, bid superman buildin." (I will interpret if you missed it........the pencil made me make a big, big, big superman building.) He was so happy, but I was so sad that he forgot a simple word like pencil.

Daily he seems to forget something he already knows. Yes, he seems to be forgetting simple things, but what remains constant is that little determination and sparkle in his eye that confirms that he does know what he is talking about. He just needs time, patience and love......of which he will always have from us!

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Wendy said...

When my son seems to be going through a period of stagnancy or regression, when it seems like he's not making any progress whatsoever, I like to think that he's learning something and working it out in his head so that one day he can spring it upon us (he does that - great leaps of progress followed by a period of...nothing). Maybe your son's focus isn't on things he already knows but on stuff he's contemplating, stuff that he'll surprise you with one day soon.

I'm always jealous when I read about AS kids who can talk. What I wouldn't give to have C expressively communicate with us more. One day, one day...