Monday, June 25, 2007

On the inside...(Journal#76)

...all God's children are amazing!

My friend Aspiemom brought my attention to Paul Potts from England in a post she did last month. The video is of his first audition of the English version of America's Got Talent. He later went on to win the competition in early June. As Aspiemom said, watch the judges expression when they first see him.

Just as Simon and Piers' faces revealed surprise and wonderment at the end of the video, because they weren't expecting that kind of beautiful talent from somebody who looked like that, such are similar situations for our children with autism.

I will brag, that our Sam is the most incredible charmer I know. When he is on, and things seem in balance, he will give you a smile to die for. So lately, as some of his meltdowns and aggression seem to be flaring up more, it throws people off as to the person he really is. When he looks like any other 5 year old boy, and smiles so beautiful, how can one make sense of an instant change to his head ramming, screaming, and destruction of things. All this because we misunderstand what he says, needs, or wants. is here, this week, that I wish our world was just more accepting of everyones differences. Brent and I are in Iowa for a week. We are directing a high school church camp, of which we have been a part of for 11 years. It is amazing the challenges that these children bring to camp. Sexual abuse, family problems, eating disorders, dealing with recent death and illness of family and parents, the list goes on. Our kids today have so much on the inside, yet can appear to others on the outside as fine. It is only in certain situations does the hurt come out, whether it be at a night worship around the campfire or when they are spending time in their small study groups.

As we prepare for the last full day of camp with these incredible youth, it is heavy on my heart, just how much we judge people by their exterior. That if they appear typical on the outside then we don't understand when the inside feelings we have change our outward appearance.

On the inside, some may hurt.
On the inside, some may want to be their true self but for other reasons can not.
On the inside, in our hearts, is where we can keep God's love for those times when we are judged by others. So let us too remember not to judge one another but to love one another from the inside out.

A Twist of Faith
As the scribe asked Jesus what he felt was the greatest commandment, the law that should be at the top. Jesus replied, "First, love God with all your heart and soul. But most important, love your neighbor as yourself." If we really loved our neighbor as ourselves...everyone...including our children with autism would be accepted by all.


JodiTucker said...

Greetings from OH......just finished reading Freedom Writers Diary (movie is Freedom Writers with Hilary Swank)....what lurks in the hearts and minds of teens is astounding.....the hurt and pain and devastation of so many things, especially from growing up poor and with gang violence the norm. But their diaries reveal universal themes of wanting acceptance and love from others.
Thanks for your blog. As I return to teaching soon, I want to help others accept our autistic kids more (and most of them do). Yet, I also have to attempt safety for all and not allowing any child to bite another or be violent. This is such a balancing act. Please keep blogging as Sam enters the school system soon and all that that is about!.....God bless you and your family !!!

mysamiam said...

God bless you too Jodi, and as I have shared with you before, thank you for discerning and understanding each child you teach. You are such a special teacher.

kristina said...

I guess you are back from the camp now for some days? What an experience and a perspective on things with our kids----and what a smile Charlie can often have, too.

Best wishes to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your break and that your batteries are thoroughly recharged.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

so beautiful.

kristi said...