Monday, September 26, 2005

Toddler and beginning preschool time with Sam (Journal #4)

Days can be hard with Sam. Driving to the grocery store has even become a challenge. Sam has this incredible memory. He remembers everywhere we go and how we go. Routines and rituals had started taking over our lives. To go to the grocery store consists of Sam deciding who would sit where in the van and how, to what direction we take to get there and even whether or not we should stop at a stop light (don't worry, we stop when directed). When one looks at Sam in one of his routine acts, it may appear that he is a spoiled brat, when in fact, how many children have to have their way without an extinsic reward? What does Sam gain by us turning the way he wants at an intersection, because that is the way he remembers us going one time, now it has to be every time? Sam is almost too intrinsicly motivated (usually a teachers dream). He has nothing to gain, other than it provides safety and security in his world as he knows it.

Once we get to the grocery store, or wherever we are going, we then have the stuggle of that experience needing to be the same one it was the last time we were there, which I can barely recall, but Sam won't let us forget.

Onto Sam's Speech
While Brent and I feel that we have been able to interpret a lot of Sam's few words up to this point in Sam's life (1-2 1/2 years), many can not. It has become a huge issue at daycare with Sam getting his needs met as well as Sam being frustrated with his peers. The consequence...screaming. Sam screams all the time. For everyone and everything. Ruthie, Marla and us have been trying very hard to get him to "use his words".

We've also noticed somewhat that we really need his attention for him to understand things we say. We will tell him to look at our eyes, but it doesn't work, so I noticed daycare has been saying to him "Sam, look at my nose", and he seems to respond more frequently to that.

What we have thought the screaming was for, speech, has really proven more for other things as well during this time period. Samuel seems to be so sensitive to many things. There are times we are in Target, and there may be another baby crying or screaming, and he covers his ears, saying in his best possible way "too loud". Whenever we are driving next to loud vehicles, it always turns into screaming.

The sensitivity to sun has always been an issue, especially in the car, but one thing I have noticed now that he has been able to walk around the house more, is that he gets very upset when he walks by windows in the house with extra sunlight coming in.

Sensitivity with different clothing material has been somewhat noticed. He has to have clothes rub or be a certain way for them to be comfortable, and always make sure you put socks on right away, or he will let you know!

One thing that has developed more since 1, is his drooling and what I have labeled as "mouth issues". His mouth issues includes him packing his mouth with food. He is quick too, even when you think you are watching, he all of a sudden has a mouthful of food. He also has a very difficult time using utensils. We work so hard, but it is like he never gets it.

London Bridges falling down
It really should be "Samuel Cottington, falling down". We have had grave concerns about Sam's motor ability or lack thereof. Sam falls all the time. Head first too. It has always appeared to us that he has no concept of pain. He will fall and knock his head so hard that we think we are going to the hospital, but he just jumps up and runs like nothing happened. It has truly amazed us.

The hard thing about it is that since he doesn't understand pain, it is hard to teach him safety issues. Example being that going in the street when there is a car coming, could mean you get hurt if not paying attention. Samuel doesn't understand how a car could hurt you.

These are just a few additions to my blog. It is just to review where we have been with Sam in this journey called Life, and to where we are going. That is all for now. Peace.

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sandie said...

Thanks for giving a little insight into your world with Sam. I just happened on this blog on the "next blog" button. I can tell you're a very strong and loving parent.