Friday, September 30, 2005

Sugar and Spice, and School, oh nice. (Journal #5)

Soooooooooo...................Sam has finally started preschool (early childhood special education program). We had to meet, do the IEP (Individual Education Plan), sign it, meet and then start. I love his teachers and case manager. I feel he is in really good hands. He is in a program that has 10 regular education children and 5 autistic children. They are very well staffed. One community (regular preschool teacher from the district), one special education teacher, a speech teacher, and two para's.

We were so excited for Sam's first day. Of course it was raining, so no real good outside shots for the first day of school. We took Zach to school, and then decided to have breakfast together before taking him. Sam has been infatuated with Krispy kreme. We have only been inside once in his life, and have only gone through the drive through once (thanks to dad being on a health kick the last two years), but he always remembers the Krispy Kreme trucks. When we are on a freeway, and whenever there is a white truck with red and green wording, he always says "dut tut". He has almost become obsessed with it. Soooooo....I added to the obsession today. We actually went inside (of which I am sure the sugar high will be appreciated by his teachers).

Sam was amazed at the whole assembly line. Eating was hard for him today. Everything had to be lined up right at the table. He looked at his donut and finally started eating, with most of it falling to the ground or becoming drool down his shirt. Half way through he noticed that there was part of the donut that was darker than the rest. It started to really bug him. He continiued in his distress over it by screaming "don't, don't", of which I was finally able to clarify as "He didn't want to eat that part." He started throwing napkins on the floor, of which I quickly said to him "Would you like me to get rid of the acky part?" He then nodded yes. I pulled the browned part off, handed it back to him and he instantly turned into a smiley happy boy, as if nothing had happened.

When we got to preschool, he instently clammed up as we walked in the door. He turned his body into me, pressing me so hard, I thought I might fall backwards. He refused to let me hang up his coat or backpack, he was not going to take it off. By now, most of the children have arrived and are at assigned tables with puzzles, playdoh, etc... I am trying so hard to entice him, walking him to other places. It all ends up with the "teridactle scream" (I don't know how to spell it, but it is supposed to be the spelling for the teridactle bird ( a very high screech). Sam makes this sound all too well. The day went down from there, but am too tired to type tonight and will continue thoughts and reflections of his first week in school later.

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