Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Sabbatical (Journal #30)

Happy 4th of July!!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday today! Need to let everyone know that I will be on sabbatical (brief break) until August 15th. We have a very busy next few weeks planned. We are off to Iowa to take Zach to church camp for a few days, and Sam and I are going to visit family and friends (dad has to work :(). Upon return, Brent and I will be preparing to go back to the same church camp Zach was at, as we together direct a high school church camp, Camp 16, there for a week every summer ( I think this is our 10th summer). We will be home for a week, and then off again for 10 days to Badlands/Mt. Rushmore and then to Yellowstone. This is our first "car" trip with the boys (although we do frequent 4-5 hour trips to family in Iowa), so please keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that Sam does okay on the long car rides. I think we have our plan and are very excited to go!!! Thanks for everyone's support and have a great month!!!


Anonymous said...

you have a great month too! see you mid-august!

Lora said...

Hope you're having a blast! See ya in August.